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New youth association in Brussels: Young Italians Europe

A new youth organisation founded by young Italians in Brussels has been set up called Giovani Italiani Europa asbl (Young Italians Europe).

The association wants to promote the participation and representation of young Italian emigrants in the European, Italian and Belgian political debate. The association is independent and bipartisan, with no ties no any political party. It is registered under Belgian law as a not for profit association.

The organisation is looking to collaborate with other youth associations and participate in EU project calls.

The members of Giovani Italiani Europa have been active since January 2013, organising several events at the European Parliament on the youth guarantee scheme, youth mobility and political participation. This was carried as part of the campaign group Young Italians Brussels (Giovani Italiani Bruxelles) group, an official partner of the European Interns Day in 2014.

The association has a strong network of volunteer members based in the EU capital that have experience in project management, communications and advocacy.


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