Spain and Italy lose in World Cup of Youth Employment


Out of the 10 teams from the European Union at World Cup 2014, only Germany and the Netherlands would fair well if the competition was based on youth employment.

Current world champions Spain, along with 2006 champions Italy, would almost certainly lose in Brazil, with youth unemployment standing at 53% and 42% in the two countries.

European youth unemployment league table World Cup 2014

Only two European Union countries at World Cup 2014 have youth unemployment levels under 15%.

1. Germany 7.8%

2. The Netherlands  11.3%

3. England (UK average)18.5%

4. Belgium  23.9%

5. France 23.4%

6. Portugal 35.4%

7. Italy 42.7%

8. Croatia 49.0%

9. Spain 53.9%

10. Greece 56.8%

For Giovani Italiani Bruxelles {Young Italians Brussles}, an independent youth association, not enough is being done to tackle the increasing levels of youth unemployment in Europe which has now reached record levels across the continent.

” Europe’s most academically qualified generation ever was given a red card in the job market before it even got a chance to play. While Spain and Italy may be among the favourites to do well in Brazil, there’s little to celebrate when it comes to job opportunities back home. ”

” Our generation needs to hear concrete proposals from politicians to boost jobs and opportunities for young people, not just tokenistic slogans used at election time.”

Youth unemployment across the EU currently stand at 22.8%. 5.3 milion  young Europeans are currently out of work.


Notes to editors

  1. Youth unemployment sources in EU taken from Eurostat:
  2. Latest UK youth unemployment statistics:
  3. Giovani Italiani Bruxelles (Young Italians Brussels) is an independent youth campaign group created in 2013 by young Italians in the EU capital that focusses on the emigration of young Europeans during the economic crisis. The association is not linked to any political party and receives no funding.

For media comment, contact us:

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